She has done it once again! Hanna Getty, the extraordinarily prolific and expert in the vegan culinary arts, has just published yet one more plant-based cookery book that consists of an impressive compilation of fifty quick and easy vegan recipes, and she called it very appropriately, Hanna’s Quick & Easy Vegan Cookbook.

In Ms. Getty’s own words, “ … because they require less than an hour of actual work, all my recipes are quick and easy.” And this by no means an exaggeration. I tried most of the recipes in this book myself and none of them tied me up in the kitchen for more than 60 minutes with a great majority of them requiring far less time than that. Furthermore, every single one of Ms. Getty’s recipes is accompanied by a precise list of ingredients plus a comprehensive list of all the kitchen equipment that will be needed to prepare the specific dish in question. Users will never have a need for guessing, assuming or surmising. Then her step-by-step instructions are so easy to follow that anyone who can read will be able to prepare the most lip smacking foods with little to no effort. Lastly, Ms. Getty has included full color pictures with every recipe in order to show all of us who are visually inclined how each specific dish will look like once it is finished and ready to serve.

As is true for all her work, Hanna Getty is very good about arranging and organizing her books into chapters and sections that make absolute sense. This one, Hanna’s Quick & Easy Vegan Cookbook, is no different.

Hanna's Quick & Easy Vegan Cookbook


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