Here’s why Massage Therapy Matters...

Got a big party, event or exhibition coming up and want to be in the right head space?

For an unforgettably relaxing session choose massage therapy onsite, in-studio or at events.

So you want to make a big impression, huh? Well, we’ve got just the thing to rub shoulders with the greats... hands. Licensed and insured, educated by top mentors for service excellence, we make sure to make a lasting impression. We love your body.

These new clients are using MTM services (Table & Chair Massage) to advertise their businesses and take care of their customers in pretty cool ways. Get inspired by them and think about how massage therapy matters to you...

Marketing Director | Sarah

Sarah oversees a marketing department currently based in LA spending her time evaluating and developing teams of illustrators, designers, and crews for planning, directing, and coordinating marketing efforts. As Sarah spoke with a trusted friend, she mentioned that adding massage therapy to her presentations really draws a crowd and gives an immediate health-conscious appeal. After researching the demand for our products and services, she set up a trade with MTM. Huge success to increase the value of her brand!

Conversion on Sarah's promotions and her confidence and passion for massage grew. Apparently people like seeing others relaxed. Sales and smiles really got the word around, because she was disappointed to have to say she didn't offer massage as a service herself.

“My biggest satisfaction was the way massage targets my specific markets,” explains Sarah. “The results of adding massage imagery blew my mind. They (MTM) were so kind as to provide video content of massage therapy and yoga services. Our updated sports, fitness, and athletic promotion attracted an increase in conversion and new prospects looking for comprehensive services. Wow, I now believe there is an infinite number of brands that massage therapy can compliment."


Massage Therapy Matters


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